Snow Removal

Need snow removed regularly or on an as-needed basis? Reach out to Sharp Stripes to take the burden of snow removal off your shoulders.

on demand

Need snow removal on an as-needed basis? Sharp Stripes can be at your home or business within 24 hours of your call.


Ensure your home and business always stays clear of snow with our snow removal ongoing services.


The Sharp Stripes team is proud to specialize in assisting residential customers with all their snow removal needs.

making snow removal convenient

Seth and his team are not only committed to providing prompt, professional snow removal, but they also focus on keeping your home and lawn safe and intact. Salt applications are done to ensure the chemicals do not affect your lawn or grass and the team uses snowblowers instead of plows to cause the least amount of damage possible to property. Seth and his team offer services for 2-8 inches of snow with additional costs for 8-16 inches of snow.

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