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Aeration & Overseed

Usually done in the spring or fall, aeration and overseeding will ensure your lawn ready to be enjoyed during the peak months. Contact Sharp Stripes to discuss aeration and overseeding options.


Aeration helps reduce earth compaction so water, nutrients, and air can reach your lawn’s roots and help it grow lush and green.


Overseeding helps address bare spots and improve the density of your lawn by planting grass seed directly into the existing turf.

The perfect Combo

With aeration and overseeding, your lawn can stay beautiful and healthy throughout the majority of the year.

Programs designed with your lawn in mind

Aeration and overseeding are typically done simultaneously for best results. In some cases, our team will suggest pairing aeration with fertilizer or grass seed services as the hole from aeration acts as a planter for the seed and allows the nutrients to penetrate the soil. Sharp Stripes suggests these services in the spring and fall for optimal soil temperature.

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